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Studio School of Design is committed to helping the entertainment design industry in three key areas: 1) programs in design for young people. 2) curriculum and professional development opportunities for High School and College educators, and 3) life-long learning courses and seminars for the design community and public

Everything we do is intended to increase the widest possible population of participants’ access to and competency in the profession.

HS student in a Studio School of Design Workshop. Photo: Rosalie O’Connor

Current Courses

Guided and Taught by Working Professionals

Studio School of Design‘s advisors and faculty are passionate educators and active at the forefront of the design professions.

Studio School of Design is built on a spirit of community and a very high level of competencies.

Photo: Rosalie O’Connor

Advisors & Faculty

Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion

For now and for the future.

Celebrating all the vibrantly different life experiences by encouraging belonging.

Studio School of Design is dedicated to diversifying our professional community and enlivening future worlds of storytelling, design, and entertainment within the performing arts and beyond.

Photo: Clifton Taylor

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Current Courses Available

Diverse, Professional Designers are leading the way.

Photo: Clifton Taylor

Current Courses

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Studio School of Design has been founded to increase our collective knowledge and to diversify access to the lighting design field across the places where we work. We seek to provide equitable and inclusive low-cost classes both online and in-person to a wide ranging pool of talented and motivated students.

Studio School of Design is incorporated in New York State as a non-profit 501c3 organization. Donations to the school are fully tax deductible. Programs are taught by a diverse, top-level professional, practicing faculty in Lighting Design.

We need your help to carry out our mission to offer these affordable courses and we appreciate your help.

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