Notes on writing an artistic statement for a college application

  1. Be brief: follow the instructions for length from the college application. If there are no guidelines, limit your statement to one page.
  2. Be direct: Talk briefly about your journey to pursuing your chosen path. More importantly: Where do you want to be after college? Describe how you imagine your career path in the future.
  3. Be knowledgeable: Ensure you have researched the college you are applying to. Is it a conservatory-style school where you will be immersed in design? Is it a liberal arts-style school where you will pursue many interests? Align your statement with the work and style of the college. Research other comparable colleges and universities and have a clear idea about why this institution is your choice.
  4. Be well-rounded: Talk briefly about your interests outside the theater. Do you play an instrument, write graphic novels in Spanish, or build robots? These interests are essential to your application!

And finally,

  1. Talk about Service to your community: Emphasize work that you have done in your community in service. Have you worked on community projects for your school, religious organization, through scouting, or other organizations? Often, scholarship and admissions decisions hinge on prospective students’ service to their community outside of the theater.