Using 3D tools for sectioning and better light placement; setting up projects to share documents, resources, layers across a diverse network; creating a workflow among diverse teams. The participants will work together as a group and in smaller cohorts to create and manage large scale project to arrive at usable solutions in this hands on, problem-based course.

Three (3) three-hour Sessions, Saturdays:

January 13, 20, 27, 2024

Price: $300
Program Facilitator(s):

Nick Solyom and Guests

A LIVE online interactive course

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We are offering a free IN-PERSON course in design for current High School Students this summer from July 17 – July 24, 2024 in Manhattan. Targeted at Rising Juniors and Seniors currently studying in High School, this six-day course will include hands-on work with working professional lighting designers, a visit to see a New York show and tour backstage, and culminating in a public showing of the work accomplished during the workshop.

Course availability is strictly limited. Applications are open to students studying at all High Schools. Priority will be given to students in US Title 1 Public High Schools.

Price: FREE, entrance by application only
Program Facilitator(s):

Mark Stanley, Clifton Taylor and Guests

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What is an image, and how do we create imagery and design to tell stories?  Led by award-winning projection designer and educator Wendall Harrington, this two-session, hands-on, workshop will help you better understand how we communicate with non-verbal symbols to express ideas and emotions in support of realistic and abstract narratives.


Expected Learning Outcomes:  Upon successful completion of this course, the student will:

  • Discuss visual storytelling conceptually and practically with effective language and vocabulary.
  • Apply connections between historical periods of theatre, art, culture, and society to their visual storytelling.
  • Critically analyze graphic choices in design to communicate visual, conceptual, and emotional responses to an audience in support of the story, actor, the director, and the design team
  • Engage in the learnable process of imagining new possibilities for visual storytelling that involve risk-taking, use of multiple strategies, and reconceiving in response to feedback.
  • Engage in creative activity by conceiving and executing original visual storytelling work alone or as part of a team.
Price: FREE Session.
Program Facilitator(s):

Wendall Harrington

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“Why We Make Cues” is a series of workshops with leading lighting designers Jennifer Tipton, Natasha Katz, and Mark Stanley, designed to increase your understanding of cue placement, cue rhythm & timing, and compositional sequences to support story, movement, emotion, and musical expressions.  Each session will focus on the unique aspects of either text, music, or movement that impact cue placement and composition.

Sessions include discussion of source material, how to develop cue lists, and hands-on cue creation with feedback from the professional designers and participants.

An in-person, hands-on workshop. October 28, November 4, and November 11, 2023 Three Saturdays: 10:30 am-6 pm
Target audience:Emerging artists to experienced professionals. The workshop is designed to be learner-centered, and the projects will focus on real-world lighting problems and solutions.
Expected Learning outcomes: By the end of this workshop, the learner will be able to:

  1. Create and place cues for text, movement, and music to tell compelling visual stories and support scripts, design collaborators, actors, and the director’s work.
  2. Describe the reasoning supporting a cueing structure.
Price: $250 each; $700 for all three in-person sessions
Program Facilitator(s):

Jennifer Tipton, Natasha Katz, Mark Stanley

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This course will take an intensive look at lighting for dance and movement.  How do we think about movement and light connect?  How do we talk about it with a choreographer?  What useful ways to create a cue list? How do you create a light plot from contemporary equipment? What are the challenges of managing a repertory plot and database for large scale dance companies?

Three (3) online sessions: April 8, 15 and 22, 2023, 12pm – 2pm EDT, UTC-4.

Price: $200
Program Facilitator(s):

Mark Stanley

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Working as an associate or assistant on large-scale projects has become a viable career option. This course will examine the associate and assistant role in a large-scale Commercial (Broadway) production. You will also gain skills that can be applied in other areas of lighting careers.

As with ALL Studio School of Design ONLINE Courses, each session will be videotaped and shared with participants for a limited time in case you can not attend a specific session. 

Studio School Courses are open to participants from around the world. 

Eight (8) 2-hour sessions meeting online on Mondays (except May 28), 6 pm – 8 pm (EDT) (2200-0000 UTC).

This course is designed for early and mid-career professionals

Price: $600 ONLINE, Early Bird Special: only $500 if you register before April 1, 2024.
Program Facilitator(s):

Craig Stelzenmuller and Guests

Photo: “Billy Elliot” Scenic Design by Campbell Baird and Robert Andrew Kovach; Costume Design by Dustin Cross; Lighting Design by Craig Stelzenmuller. Pictured: Sam Faulkner Photo by Curtis Brown. Production at the Raleigh Memorial Auditorium, North Carolina Theater.

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This online, zoom-based course will cover the ins and outs of setting up your own business, working as a freelancer under the new and changing tax codes, negotiating skills, and other parts of our life that are not generally covered in designer training.

As with ALL Studio School of Design ONLINE Courses, each session will be videotaped and shared with participants for a limited time in case you can not attend a specific session. 

Studio School Courses are open to participants from around the world. 

This course will consist of Six (6) 2 ½-hour Sessions meeting on Wednesdays from July 6-August 10 7pm-9:30pm, UTC-4 (EDT).

This course is designed for theatrical designers in all disciplines and at all stages of their career

Price: $600 ONLINE
Program Facilitator(s):

Amith Chandrashaker and Guests

Photo: Fairview at the Soho Rep, Scenic Design by Mimi Lien, Costume Design by Montana Levi Blanco, Lighting by faculty member Amith Chandrashaker, Pictured: MaYaa Boateng as Keisha, Photograph by Julieta Cervantes

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