This FREE IN-PERSON seminar in Manhattan with Lighting Designer, Educator & Author, Clifton Taylor and Product Manager for Entertainment Controls at ETC, Nick Gonsman will take place on Saturday, March 19, 2022.

Clifton and Nick will present their ideas about color control and manipulation and tools for success in working with our hybrid, mixed-source fixture world coming out of the pandemic.

Price: This is a Free, IN PERSON event
Program Facilitator(s):

Clifton Taylor and Nick Gonsman

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This full day IN-PERSON summit will be bringing together College and Graduate level Lighting Educators to share pedagogy, challenges, and successes as we emerge from the global pandemic. This event takes place during the Hemsley Portfolio Review Weekend in New York City.

Please note, you will need to provide proof of vaccination status when registering.

Price: This is a Free, IN PERSON event
Program Facilitator(s):

Mark Stanley and Clifton Taylor

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Studio School of Design (SSD) and the Theatrical Sound Designers and Choreographers Association (TSDCA) are partnering with Stage Directors and Choreographers Foundation to co-host a series of director/choreographer-designer networking events, held via Zoom throughout March. Meet and reconnect with directors, choreographers and designers from across the country!


Price: No cost to participants!
Program Facilitator(s):

Daisy Long and Jane Shaw

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“Lighting for Televised Live Events” will explore the techniques, science and art of designing lighting for live events and entertainment that otherwise would be a standard presentation—usually with an audience in attendance—except for the presence of television cameras that will capture the performance for broadcast on a TV or cable network, streaming on the internet, or perhaps to improve the overall quality of live camera shots on IMAG video screens. Those cameras change the game.

As with ALL Studio School of Design ONLINE Courses, each session will be videotaped and shared with participants for a limited time in case you can not attend a specific session. 

Studio School Courses are open to participants from around the world. 

This course will meet for 5 sessions on Saturdays from February 19 – March 19, from 12pm – 3pm EST UTC -5 (EDT)

This course is designed for, but not limited to, working theatrical lighting designers looking for more understanding of lighting live events for the camera.

Program Facilitator(s):

Jeff Ravitz

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Previz is a fast-growing part of the lighting design process and is becoming a necessity for shows, events and installations alike. Throughout the Introduction to Pre-Visualization course, students will gain foundational knowledge of the previz process as it relates to the creation of a show in the live entertainment industry. Students will be presented an overview of the various softwares available to programmers and designers and will have an opportunity to learn about the necessary tools in the previz process, including many case studies from the shows that earlybird visual has been a part of creating. The Earlybird team of programmers and previz specialists will give students a first hand look at benefits of previz in a live environment across various disciplines, and will take students through their previz workflow to show them the benefits of previz as a tool in overall creation of a live or broadcast show.

This is a two-day online seminar presented by earlybird visual in collaboration with Studio School of Design.

Price: $400 for this important ONLINE course.
Program Facilitator(s):

earlybird visual

Some scholarship/program fee reduction opportunities are available for students with demonstrated need. Please apply via the registration form.


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How do we combine research images, color, movement and the design idea into content for projection design. This course is an introduction to the elements of craft that go into creating a projection design for live performance, and how projection design interacts with the other design disciplines in a production. Although some aspects of the course may be structured with lighting designers in mind, lighting design experience is not a prerequisite for this course.

Seven Wednesdays from 6pm – 9pm EST (UTC-4 for first class, then UTC-5 for subsequent class sessions) from November 3 – December 15, 2021. All classes will be held over ZOOM. All class sessions will be recorded for limited time review by paid participants in the course.

Software used in the course:
Vectorworks a basic understanding of Vectorworks is necessary for the course. Student licenses are available from Nemetschek Vectorworks.
After Effects (a student version can be purchased for a month at a time, if you don’t already have a license to this software, please hold off until needed within the course to stay within the 1 month window).
QLab This software is rentable by the day, but only runs on a Mac Computer. Having access to this platform will be needed for course content to be relevant.

Price: $600 ONLINE
Program Facilitator(s):

David Bengali and Calvin Anderson

Some scholarship/program fee reduction opportunities are available. Please apply via the registration form.

Photo: , Projection Designer faculty member David Bengali, Photographer:

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Of course, your live event is being captured by the camera! We’re covering creating and adapting for the camera. Interfacing with a video director, video engineer, and director of photography. Plus metering lights, managing color for video, and working in both HD and 4K+ environments.

Eight (8) 2-hour Sessions meet Saturdays March 4 – April 22, 2023, 12 noon-2pm, UTC-4 (EDT).

This course is designed for, but not limited to, early and mid-career professionals

Program Facilitator(s):

Robert Barnhart and Guests

A LIVE online interactive course

Photo: Superbowl 54 Halftime Show, Scenic Designer: Bruce Rogers, Lighting Director faculty member Robert Barnhart, Photographer: Brad Duns

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