What is an image, and how do we create imagery and design to tell stories?  Led by award-winning projection designer and educator Wendall Harrington, this two-session, hands-on, workshop will help you better understand how we communicate with non-verbal symbols to express ideas and emotions in support of realistic and abstract narratives.

Expected Learning Outcomes:  Upon successful completion of this course, the student will:

  • Discuss visual storytelling conceptually and practically with effective language and vocabulary.
  • Apply connections between historical periods of theatre, art, culture, and society to their visual storytelling.
  • Critically analyze graphic choices in design to communicate visual, conceptual, and emotional responses to an audience in support of the story, actor, the director, and the design team
  • Engage in the learnable process of imagining new possibilities for visual storytelling that involve risk-taking, use of multiple strategies, and reconceiving in response to feedback.
  • Engage in creative activity by conceiving and executing original visual storytelling work alone or as part of a team.
Price: $150 for Both Sessions. Space is limited.
Program Facilitator(s):

Wendall Harrington

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