Dance Lighting Intensive: Revealing Movement with Light

This course will take an intensive look at lighting for dance and movement.  How do we think about movement and light connect?  How do we talk about it with a choreographer?  What useful ways to create a cue list? How do you create a light plot from contemporary equipment? What are the challenges of managing a repertory plot and database for large scale dance companies?

Three (3) online sessions: April 8, 15 and 22, 2023, 12pm – 2pm EDT, UTC-4.

Price: $200
Program Facilitator(s):

Mark Stanley

More Information:

Week 1  April 8, 12pm – 2pm EDT, UTC-4 (UTC1600 – 1800)

Light and Movement

The perfect intersection of time and space

Revealing the Human Form:  From Face light to shin busters

Lighting across the movement spectrum.

Ballet or contemporary: Is there a difference?

Discovering the movement vocabulary- Lighting the movement or the music?

Guest choreographer

How to look at and talk about choreography

Blocking charts and cueing.  Creating a personal movement/lighting script.

Assignment: Create a cue list for a short solo/duet



Week 2 April 15 12pm – 2pm EDT, UTC-4 (UTC1600 – 1800)

Review Assignment

Lighting Dance in the 21st Century:  Movement, movers, and LED’s

Major influencers in dance lighting and different styles

From William Forsythe to Mikki Kunttu

Building a light plot with today’s equipment:

Essential angles, focus options, and equipment

Programming time

Costs and budgets




Week 3  April 22 12pm – 2pm EDT, UTC-4 (UTC1600 – 1800)

Large and small repertory.

Small, medium, NYCB, Europe

Different approaches to rep plots

Archiving paperwork  Guests: Jim French, John Cuff, Roya Abab

Gels and LED’s

Focus Charts

Switching between ML and Conventionals


Program Facilitator(s)

photograph of Mark Stanley

Mark Stanley

Director. President. Curriculum Designer. Facilitator.