High School Programs

Central to Studio School of Design’s mission are our programs in Lighting Design designed for High School Students and High School Teachers. We offer summer programs in New York City and in-school training for teachers at a school and district level throughout the year.

We offered our first program for High School Students attending Title 1 schools in the summer of 2022. Studio School of Design’s High School sessions are built on evidence-based, hands-on experiential learning and are taught by professionals with strong backgrounds in both education and in the professional lighting design world.

Our programs for students in Title 1 schools are offered tuition free and we are dependent on funding from institutions and individuals to make these programs possible.

Our training for HS teachers is focussed on giving non-technical theater teachers and facilitators actionable lesson plans to inspire and lead their own students through scaffolded lessons in lighting design.

For more information, please look at our upcoming programs for the Summer of 2023

Studio School of Design is a 501c3 not-for-profit community organization dedicated to widening access to the lighting design professions to all peoples.

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