HS Teacher’s Resource Page

High School Teacher Training Workshop in Lighting. Photo by Clifton Taylor
  1. Curricular Guide and NY & NJ State Learning Standards

Lesson Plans

  1. Introduction to the Design Process
  2. Functions and Qualities of Light
  3. Angles of Light
  4. Painting Recreations
  5. Color and Light
    1. Color and Light Lesson 1
    2. Color and Light Lesson 1 Facilitator Talking Points
    3. Color and Light Lesson 2
    4. Color and Light Lesson 2 Facilitator Talking Points
    5. Color and Light Lesson 2 Handout for Students
    6. Color and Light Information about using LED fixtures

Links to example documents referenced in the HS Teachers Workshop:

1. Shopping List: notes on a shopping list

2 Developing a Cuelist: notes on developing a cuelist

3. Lighting Sketches Examples:

Set Sketch for Medea by Clifton Taylor

Lighting Sketches for “Little Foxes” by Clifton Taylor

4. Front Elevation Examples:

5. Section Example:

6. Light Plot Examples: MSDA Repertory Light Plot 2020-21

7. Channel Hookup Example: MSDA Repertory Hookup 2020-21

8. Instrument Schedule Example: MSDA Repertory Instrument Schedule 2020-21

9. Dance Script Form: dance script form

10. Shop Order and Insurance Form Examples:

11. Multiplying Factors Worksheet for calculating lense sizes: multiplying factors worksheet

12. MSDA Repertory Light Plot Examples

Recommended Lighting Texts for Further Study:

“The Magic of Light”, by Jean Rosenthal & Lael Wertenbaker Amazon Link (pdf available here: https://vdoc.pub/documents/the-magic-of-light-11vmj90r8rm8).

“The Dramatic Imagination” by Robert Edmond Jones (linked file is the chapter on Lighting Design)Amazon Link

Color and Light

“Color and Light: Navigating Color Mixing in the Midst of an LED Revolution, a Handbook for Lighting Designers”, by Clifton Taylor; Published by Quite Specific Media, Inc. ISBN-10: 1935247190; ISBN-13: 978-1935247197 Publisher’s Ordering Site Page

“The Empty Space” by Peter Brook; Published by Scribner; Reprint edition (December 1, 1995) ISBN-10: ‎0689705581; ISBN-13: ‎978-0684829579  Amazon Link

“A Practical Guide to Stage Lighting, 3rd Edition” by Steven Louis Shelley; Published by Focal Press, 2014 ISBN-10: 0415812003; ISBN-13: 978-0415812009;  Amazon Link