Inaugural HS Workshop in Light. photo by Rosalie O’Connor

Studio School of Design (SSD) is an interdependent community of practice where experiential learning is embedded into a curriculum of design storytelling. We celebrate a full range of human cultural expression and identity, and we especially support those who are and have previously been marginalized or excluded from the design professions. We see lighting design as a creative art form and are deeply invested in the potential of telling diverse and inclusive human stories through the medium of light.

  • To create an inclusive and multicultural learning environment where designers are engaged in obtaining effective 21st Century forward design storytelling tools facilitated by an experienced and diverse professional faculty.
  • To prepare contemporary designers for the broad range of today‚Äôs lighting careers.
  • To maintain an affordable learning environment that directly addresses both overwhelming school debt and consequent systemic exclusion through scholarships and fairly priced classes.
  • To work toward the goal of a diversified community of lighting professionals that reflect the global majority.
  • To design a holistic curriculum that merges art and technology, philosophy, practice and real-world skills into a deep understanding of design and its practical applications.
  • To fulfill a community need for lifelong learning that is current with cutting-edge creative skills and technological breakthroughs in an expanding and volatile job market.